Dr Claudio Naranjo

Anyone interested in exploring the deeper therapeutic and spiritual work of the Enneagram of Personality and the sub-types should seize this unique opportunity from Dr Claudio Naranjo as his visits to the UK are rare. His retreat is not to be missed.

Rosemary Cowan,
Founder, London
Enneagram Centre

SAT 1:
Living from the Passions

5th–13th October 2013

This first retreat explores what it means to live from the nine passions identified in the Enneagram of Personality, and begins the journey into the finer detail of the 27 subtypes. In what ways do our lives become dominated by patterns of behaviour that are compulsive more than responsive to circumstances or our underlying needs and hopes? How do we get in the way of ourselves? How and why do we manipulate and control our relationships? What do we expect to win by our strategies for survival? If we have become specialists in something, what possibilities for ourselves have been sacrificed? What is it that we have lost, or lose? How have we become our own prison?

As well as exploring these questions through the theory of personality proposed by Dr. Naranjo in his pioneering elaboration of the Enneagram, the retreat will use dramatic representation and body work to go into and through character. The invitation in this complementary work is for participants to allow themselves to descend into their real situation and to establish a fuller contact with their own lives – to see oneself, and to allow oneself to be seen.

Alongside these activities that explore our sense of self, or what we confuse with self, the retreat will also include important work in the apparently contrary direction of meditation. Here we will be exploring the Vipassana practice focused on observing the here and now and letting go of our attachment to thought. Meditation enables its practitioner to gain an experience of self that is not thought, of self beyond or outside thought, as well as the opportunity to see in what ways thought compulsively interrupts us. Meditation sessions will include video recordings of Claudio presenting and talking around meditation themes.

These varied activities are programmed throughout working days that run from early in the morning to the early evening and sometimes beyond. It will be busy, challenging and fun.

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Maria Grazia Cecchini

A long standing member of Dr. Naranjo’s team of collaborators, Grazia is an experienced Gestalt psychotherapist based in Rome and specializing in systemic therapy. She has considerable experience in the Enneagram of Personality and is a coordinator of Dr. Naranjo’s retreats in many countries including Italy, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Columbia.

Charles Keck

Trained as mind body therapist, Charles began promoting Dr. Naranjo’s work in 2003 in Chiapas, Mexico, organizing and facilitating the ongoing programme of retreats there. He is currently setting up the Naranjo Institute in the UK. As a facilitator in Dr Naranjo’s retreats, he has dedicated himself principally to the field of expressive movement.

Catalina Llado

Worked theatre director and actress in New York where she trained at H.B. Studios with Carol Rosenfeld, Uta Hagen and Ernie Martin. In Spain she was trained and collaborator with Juan Carlos Corazza at the International Studio. Recently she has created her Theatre for the Involved,  leading workshops in Spain, Germany and Mexico. Also trained in Gestalt therapy she is interested in the therapuetic posibilities of drama and has been collaborating with Claudio Naranjo’s SAT programme for many years.