Dr Claudio Naranjo

Anyone interested in exploring the deeper therapeutic and spiritual work of the Enneagram of Personality and the sub-types should seize this unique opportunity from Dr Claudio Naranjo as his visits to the UK are rare. His retreat is not to be missed.

Rosemary Cowan,
Founder, London
Enneagram Centre

SAT 3 – Perspectives
for Growth

20th–28th July 2013

The SAT 3 and SAT 4 will be led by Claudio Naranjo who will continue going further into the Enneagram of Personality with an ever increasing emphasis of the nature of the work to be done to ‘counter’ or ‘correct’ the cognitive, emotional imbalances and misconceptions that are at the heart of character. This SAT contains a rich and varied programme lasting nine days. Following on from the inward and downward trajectories of the SAT 1 and SAT 2 it marks the beginning of the upward journey toward greater integration, wholeness, freedom and the capacity to be more fully in the world. Central to this focus on healing will be work done around Dr. Naranjo's theory of the origin of suffering and neurosis as an imbalance within the different facets of love - admiration, eroticism and compassion.

Alongside the Enneagram focused work, the group will continue the experience of co-therapy or peer-therapy initiated in the SAT 1 and SAT 2, and specific attention will be paid to the ways in which we disrupt or interfere with the healing potential of relationships. How does personality play out on the stage of an intentioned relationship, and how does the experience of this helping relationship mirror other relationships in life? The intention is that we can learn to make adjustments to our way of being in relationship based on this experience of accompanying and being accompanied, giving and receiving, adjustments that will enable us to respond and to ‘be’ in relationship more satisfactorily.

Likewise, two specific ‘corrective’ techniques will be employed in the SAT 3 as a means to go back and ‘re-programme’ our thoughts and feelings with the benefit of greater maturity and awareness. In one, participants will retrace a specific behaviour back in time to look at and fully experience its point of origin and our subsequent behaviour from a variety of perspectives. The intention is to obtain a new way of being in old situations, situations that endlessly repeat themselves in our lives and have continued to cause suffering.

The second technique involves a symbolic enactment/re-enactment of that most important beginning in our life: birth. It offers the opportunity to reflect on how it was that we were originally received into the world and how these initial experiences may have shaped us. More importantly, it offers us the opportunity to ‘correct’ that experience and enact an idealized or healing birth ceremony.

In keeping with the SAT 1 and 2, the SAT 3 maintains as a core activity the exploration of meditative practices. In this case Claudio leads the meditation toward the Tibetan Buddhist practice which sees a meeting of the here and now with space and invites the practitioner to combine these experiences with a devotional attitude to the possibility of an expanded consciousness and the disciplined effort toward being a better person.

Participation on the SAT 3 usually requires previous participation in the SAT 1 and 2 in the UK. Anyone who wants to participate in the SAT 3 but has previous experience other than this will need to contact Charles Keck at info@naranjoinstitute.org.uk to discuss their situation before making any booking.

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Dr Claudio Naranjo

Born in Chile and trained as a psychiatrist, his interest in personality and psychotherapy took him to California where he studied Gestalt Therapy under Fritz Perls, and subsequently back to Chile to study ‘Protanalysis’ (later to become the Enneagram) with Oscar Ichazo. He is recognized as a central figure of both Gestalt and Enneagram and is a tireless teacher and author on the subject of what he terms the Ways of Growth. Please see full bio for more details.

Maria Grazia Cecchini

A long standing member of Dr. Naranjo’s team of collaborators, Grazia is an experienced Gestalt psychotherapist based in Rome and specializing in systemic therapy. She has considerable experience in the Enneagram of Personality and is a coordinator of Dr. Naranjo’s retreats in many countries including Italy, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Columbia.

Assumpta Mateu

Director of a centre for Gestalt Therapy in Mayorca, Spain, Assumpta is experienced in a range of mediums for approaching the therapeutic experience including individual, group and couples therapy, and has developed a particular interest in therapeutic possibilities around bereavement and situations of long-term caring. She is a close associate of Claudio Naranjo and is a regular facilitator in the SAT 3 in which supervision of the therapeutic relationships is an important component of the programme

Charles Keck

Trained as mind body therapist, Charles began promoting Dr. Naranjo’s work in 2003 in Chiapas, Mexico, organizing and facilitating the ongoing programme of retreats there. He is currently setting up the Naranjo Institute in the UK. As a facilitator in Dr Naranjo’s retreats, he has dedicated himself principally to the field of expressive movement.