Dr Claudio Naranjo

Anyone interested in exploring the deeper therapeutic and spiritual work of the Enneagram of Personality and the sub-types should seize this unique opportunity from Dr Claudio Naranjo as his visits to the UK are rare. His retreat is not to be missed.

Rosemary Cowan,
Founder, London
Enneagram Centre

SAT 4:
On the Road

2014, summer or autumn dates to be arranged

The SAT 4, once again led by Claudio Naranjo, offers a chance to reflect individually and as a group on experiences during the three to four years since beginning the SAT 1. Lasting 5 days, it revisits and reorganizes a series of themes from the Enneagram of Personality, Meditation and the spiritual traditions with the aim of providing a further impetus to the goal of becoming a better person. Not least this ‘work’ on self is placed in the context of the spiritual journey as it has been communicated by the spiritual and psychological tradition

With the benefit of participants’ direct experience of the work of transformation, Claudio is able to concentrate on the subject of the spiritual journey itself. This theme is explored not only with reference to what we normally associate with spirituality, but also with reference to the spiritual journeys contained within Western classical music and in the lives of composers. Claudio explores music’s capacity to communicate the central themes of the spiritual journey and to open doorways to direct experience.

The SAT 4 will also see a return of the spontaneous movement and drama work experienced in SAT 1. The idea is to gain a clearer perception of the spaces and possibilities that have been gained over the years. Revisiting these practices is a way of mapping the nature and reality of transformations. We will be asking how it feels to re-visit these practices. What came up then that is no longer an issue now, what comes up now that did not appear then? Such experiences demonstrate how the journey of spiritual growth is continually evolving, how we are continually revealed to ourselves as capable of continuing further on the path. Hopefully, it also shows that it has been and continues to be worth the effort.

Prices and booking

Costs and arrangements for this five day retreat will be in line with the pricing and arrangements for SAT 1, SAT 2 and SAT 3. However, it is impossible to be precise on costing as it will not take place until summer or august of 2014. Having said this, a current estimate of the total cost (fee and accommodation), would be between £500 and £860 depending on accommodation and type of course fee.



Dr Claudio Naranjo

Born in Chile and trained as a psychiatrist, his interest in personality and psychotherapy took him to California where he studied Gestalt Therapy under Fritz Perls, and subsequently back to Chile to study ‘Protanalysis’ (later to become the Enneagram) with Oscar Ichazo. He is recognized as a central figure of both Gestalt and Enneagram and is a tireless teacher and author on the subject of what he terms the Ways of Growth. Please see full bio for more details.

Maria Grazia Cecchini

A long standing member of Dr. Naranjo’s team of collaborators, Grazia is an experienced Gestalt psychotherapist based in Rome and specializing in systemic therapy. She has considerable experience in the Enneagram of Personality and is a coordinator of Dr. Naranjo’s retreats in many countries including Italy, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Columbia.

Charles Keck

Trained as mind body therapist, Charles began promoting Dr. Naranjo’s work in 2003 in Chiapas, Mexico, organizing and facilitating the ongoing programme of retreats there. He is currently setting up the Naranjo Institute in the UK. As a facilitator in Dr Naranjo’s retreats, he has dedicated himself principally to the field of expressive movement.